So last night i lay in my bed waiting for Sleep to come, it occurred to me that no matter how hard i have been trying to repress certain memories and trying being myself through the day, the memories keep coming back at night, haunting me, putting me into a state of depression that usually does not wear off till i fall asleep.

i got up then , ignoring the fact that it was late and i needed to get some sleep to be at work on time the next day, to give my freely flowing thoughts a rest. Grabbed my drawing board, a white sheet, my brushes and paints. i painted and painted till i got tired of my stupid ruined brush(those who paint may know how utterly irritating it is when a  dear brush of yours gets ruined).i did not complete the thing i was painting but it turned out nice..P.s. ill put it up when i am done with it.

Painting did help a little to forget what i was thinking about but i couldn’t figure it how to just not think about the things you easily ignore through the day.