And so it happens that i am enlightened by most of my revelations when i am at work. or maybe it has something to do with this Weird guy at work who just makes me mad to the point that i have no other to take it out than to just write down how i am feeling.

So this guy who is my boss’s Nephew and supposedly helping out my boss to keep a check on the employees bugs the hell out of me.

Here’s an example how. I am mentioning my Boss’s Nephew with a  B N

Me: (Making an illustration using a tool of my choice coming up with the exact stuff  Boss wants)

B N: why are you using this tool?

Me:*Confused* why is there anything wrong with it?

B N: I do not want you to use this tool. use the other one

Me:*Still Confused* But why when it works just fine and is giving the results same as other.

B N: But the other one is better

ME: But i am comfortable with this and have good command over it.Will take me less time

B N: Use the other one * and starts showing me how to use the other one to make the same thing i was already done with*

And i felt like flexing my arm and closing that few inches gap to smack that guy right in his head so his brain comes back to the right place to start working normally.

i mean seriously who would just differ on a STOOP Software just to get Their way or i wonder if he does this specifically to me as i just stand their arguing in a polite manner informing him about my distaste or my skill level over certain thins. there are times like this week or a few days back i have given up on being polite and am hostile when i am conflicted at a thing i know i am right about

I am wondering now how this is going to turn out in the near future..