in case you have a big social circle and most of them are known or like to be called your friends here is how to classify

1. The Nosy Type

Unfortunately this is the type that just exists in abundance. Apparently their sole reason to live is to poke their noses in things that are never their business.They make you go insane with the whole lot of QUESTIONS.

2. The Sticky type

These are the one’s who’ll  tag along everywhere with you and just wont get off your back easily. It will take you a great amount of effort to get rid of them especially in situations you do not want them to be around.

3. The Disappear and Re-Appear type

Okay so these are the ones you knew somewhere in college or at uni or maybe at work too.. u have each others emails, phone numbers, you are even added to each other’s list on the social network pages but no contact what so ever and then suddenly they appear like a genie appears from a rusted lamp surrounded with a puff of smoke *only there’s no smoke around the suddenly appearing friends*. And you get to know there was some sort of thing you could help them with that stimulated them to re-appear. Once the Work’s done, they’ll disappear again.

4. The Frenemies  type

I certainly despise this type. Sweet beyond limit on your face and the worst behind your back. At times you can easily figure out the the fake pretense but if you are a bad judge of people you might never be able to recognize until you have been used and abused.

5. The Untitled type

Okay so these are the ones who are nice to you and you get along very well. u share stuff with them and they with you and then after sometime they just change. they are still nice to you but there’s this wall between you that was not there before..

And yes that’s it