I really do not understand people who mold religion according to their likes and dislikes.. I mean really on one hand they are talking about spending their lives according to the true Islamic teaching and on the other hand what they do is exactly opposite to what they are saying..

I had this conversation with a guy that i feel compelled to share..

me: salams

O: W/Salaam

me: how r u
O: good alhumdolillah. yourself?
me: I am good too alhumdulilah
O: Im from a highly educated “malik” punjabi family
me: Yes u mentioned that before
O: basically now i am getting more serious about life. i have alhumdolillah a good job and a future job as a lawyer here where i live inshallah.

my family is traditional in values religous but occasionally pray etc i personally am more conservative – traditional. i understand islam is a religion of modesty and its more a way of life than just a religion, it guides us in everything we do
and thats the way i try to live my life. i do beleive in certain gender roles but not to the extreme.
me: I want to pursue a PhD in archaeology so right now i am just planing.
I love photography too as it was my 2nd major in bachelors so maybe I would do a Phd and then work as a professor and then continue photography on the side lines.
O: Really.  Well I would not let my wife work where modesty is difficult to preserve.
me: *WTH* *Thinks who is even interested in knowing what you would and would not let your wife do. huh*
But his last comment really made me furious. But then again why was i even mentioning stuff i wanted to do to a person i barely know. But What sort of a freak show was he. Where in the world can you not be a professor and be modest.. I wonder what sort of professors did he come across or if he really know what modesty is.
And then talk about practicing Islam. I mean REALLY you practice Islam and you do not know that teaching is supposed to be a noble profession..
What a JERK