Although I have not experienced  lot of relationships but the few I was born with or the ones that I came across with in the couple of decades while I was in school or uni or at work. Regardless of their scarcity, they have taught me a few things that I can generalize.

1. Emotional attachments always leave you heart broken.

2. Only 1% of those responsible for the heart break have the guts to come back, apologize and fix the heart break.

3. You are never more than a convenience for the ones who gave you a heart break, if you were anything more than that they would have never done anything to hurt you in the first place.

4. It is all about priority. You might hold someone at a high esteem but it does not necessarily reciprocate. You may be way down that person’s priority list.

5.Expect less give more is the rule.

But then again it may vary from person to person as some might like to give as much as they get , just to settle the score.