Finally the Weather’s changing slowly and the temperature drops down a little bit at night. That means much cooler nights and lesser heat..

So a couple days ago I went out into my lawn to get some air. Strolled around a bit, came back in the house, for no real reason I look down and freeze into my tracks. Are you wondering Y?

Because i had a big brown grasshopper sitting in front of my shirt.

Me: Screaming *AAaaaaAaaaa*

my sister was in the kitchen doing the dishes quickly came out of the kitchen to check what was wrong.

sis: what’s wrong?

me: There was a grasshopper on my shirt. I shook it off and now it is somewhere in the corridor.

sis: Ewwww. I hate grasshoppers *turns and starts walking towards the kitchen*

the grasshopper was somewhere around where she was walking and it flew

sis: Screams.. *AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*

My brother comes in

Bro: what are you two screaming about?

me: there’s a grasshopper. Can you please kill it for us.

Bro: *Gives us a look. shakes his head and takes off his JOOTA . Hits something on the door*

me: *looks at what he hit* Fool that was the paint scrapping off from the door

Bro: *Embarassed laugh*. Where is the grasshopper then?

me: besides the door.

Bro:*picks up his JOOTA again, me and my sis get far away, gives us a look again*

and BAM the grasshopper is dead finally..