Sunday night I was thanking Lord for giving me a long weekend but at the same time I was praying for the week to start already. Somewhere between all this I got tired and fell asleep. It was not anything what you might call deep sleep. So woke up after and hour or so, started texting, fell asleep while texting, woke up after an hour again, did not fall back to sleep, spent time on facebook, slept, woke up, got out of bed, roamed around the house, went to bed again, next thing I know its time to get ready for work. Not to mention I could not help but yawn and yawn and yawn at work.


I had plans of hitting the sack as soon as I get home.

I get home and straight into the kitchen, helped mom make dinner, fixed dinner, ate, back to kitchen, did the dishes and hit the sack. Was lying down reading stuff and a friend texted. we talked a bit over texts and she called. I lay there in my bed talking to her, her filling me in with every minute detail starting from the time we last met and the conversation goes on and on and on. The phone call ends and I dose off. Next thing I know, its morning.

And here I am, at work, writing about how sleepy I am and not wanting to work..