So today when I was coming back from work I had to make a stop at one of the grocery stores that fall in my way. I should not forget to mention that I am not familiar with the area around my work place and since I was just falling short on time so I HAD to make that stop. Anyway, I just went into the store and asked the person at the counter about the stuff I needed. He and the other guy stood their literally gawking at me. I stood their waiting and he gawked and gawked. I got impatient and he finally spoke

Guy at the counter: What did you just said? I am sorry I did not understand.

Me. *What? Did i just speak in piglatin* I wish I could say that to him instead I just repeated what I had asked previously.

Guy at the counter: I’ll look for it or ask some guy to bring it to you

He said that and back to his stupid self. Gawking and smiling beneath his lips. I wonder what was there about me that he found so amusing. I got irritated.

Me: You know i’ll just go find it myself.

A little effort and yaayyy to me, I found it

I paid and got out of the shop but that guy at the counter left me wondering what was with the gawking. =/