So the other day my brother was informing me about the Premier league fixtures, the score card and the matches I missed to watch. My brother is a huge Manchester United fan and I on the other hand loved Arsenal until recently when they started off this season of Premier League sluggishly. Loosing matches even to the weakest of the teams. Also the team has gone a bit weak since Fabregas left to join Barcelona.
Anyway So my brother told me about how Manchester United lost their match to Manchester City that too on their home ground.. I must admit it made me happy
The conversation went like this

Bro: Did you know Manchester city beat Manchester united 6-1 on their home ground
Me: =O, OMG, No, I do not believe that.
Bro: That’s true
Me: I am damn happy that they lost to Manchester City *I like them*
Bro: I find it sad. Anyway, Manchester City are now on the top of the score card, Man U to follow and Chelsea taking the third place
Me: That is cool *playing games on the computer*
Me: So what place does Chelsea holds?
Bro: *looks at me shakes his head* I just gave you all the details of score card and the game and all
Me: No. You just told me about Man U loosing a match to Manchester City
Bro: *Silence*, *Stares*

He left after a while and i remembered the conversation we had .
I sort of felt embarrassed afterward and only then the realization struck that maybe i just have grown old enough that i have these memory lapses =O