I know at certain times , when you are at work, you feel like there should be a day when there is no work for you to do, no deadlines to meet, no goals to accomplish.

Well I have that sort of a day today.  But let me tell you that it seems interesting as long as you have it there in your mind and in fantasies and the sooner it comes out of your imagination and turns out to be truth, the sooner you begin to regret it.

You know why? Because then you are stuck there at your work place with nothing to do. You cant talk to your colleagues because they have work to do, you cannot spend time on facebook because its blocked or something. And then at the end you wish you never have gotten that free time, as you are pretty much stuck with your stupid seat and the stupid system in front of you and you end up getting a headache of all the rage filled inside of you because of lack of work and excess of the spare time you have at hand to waste.

What a life..!