I am used to having a big revolving chair to myself at work. It makes me feel special. Comfortable and lets me work. I put my feet up and fold my legs whenever I want to (Unethical but totally worth the relaxation) and nobody notices that.

So I Check in at work today and to find out that my chair is gone. I look around the office and all I find is everyone having the same ordinary small chairs. A wave of sadness hit me. How was I going to work now. I do not have my Beloved chair with me. I sat on the little Ordinary chair with a heavy heart and though a few hours have passed by I still cant wrap my mind around the fact that I would not have the Same old Big chair I had. For the very reason I am dedicating this post to my lost chair that had given me months of ease and left me in the world of pain and discomfort. *sniffs*