Warning: Cat lovers are warned to not read this. Contains cursing, Read at your own risk.

I usually start waiting for Friday pretty much as soon as Monday begins. So this time around I was waiting for it with some more enthusiasm because I had two extra days off from work. I return home all happy about it.

So I got tired and thought of hitting the sack early * a horrible mistake*. I wake up in no less then 2 hours and roam around the house. Got back to my room tried sleeping again, To my surprise I fall back to sleep again and this time I am waken up by two freaking stray cats meowing right outside my window and they have been doing it for the past 1 hour now and its driving me insane.. I cant fall asleep. What in the effing world do they have to meow about at this hour of the night. I wish I could just go out and throw my shoe at them or pop out my window and seriously throw them outta my house.. They’ve ruined my peaceful sleep and here I am spilling my distaste for cats.


*Someone please throw the cat out*