So yesterday  I got into a fight with a friend. It felt pathetic and later on a thought hit me.

You know how in a relationship it is important for the two people to be on the same page, to be moving at the same pace or if one moves faster, they compromise by moving  at the same pace as their partner. In return the other compromises in an area where you lag. That is how the relationship grows, moves further and gets stronger.


What if the other person does not want to match the pace?

What if they do not care what pace you walk at?

What if they do not bother to check if you are still with them or you are left somewhere far behind?

What if they move at a pace far greater than yours and expect you to be on the same page as them?

What if they expect you to understand and do not want to understand anything themselves?

I was left with all these thoughts wandering in my head and no answers to come up with.