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I do not know why but somehow I usually end up writing about relationships, people or their attitudes.
Today is no different.

I am not a very social person but I still have the right amount of people around me to not to be called a loner or a Zombie, however the Intensity of these relationships varies from time to time.

So its like this, every time something happens it gives me a lot to think upon and sometimes I come up with answers and the other times I do not.

Right now a few things that I do not understand are:

1. What sort of a relation is it when you cannot voice how you feel about certain things, for if you do, the other person would either get mad at you or stop talking to you or would do both.

2. Why in the world is it okay to expect that you will automatically know what is wrong with them.? (Spare me, I have no powers to guess the untold.)

3. What is with the unnecessary attitude? (Spare me again. I have a lot of my own.)

4. Why are you yelled at when its nothing you did to flare the person up? (Too upset to talk? I am not your punching bag.)

Crazy stuff.