Friday evening. I leave work in a rush. Made two stops on my way to home. One at the grocery store and other on a bakery. My handbag is filled with my everyday junk that makes it extremely hard for me to locate my wallet at times. So it did happen at the bakery and the grocery store as well.

I pick up everything I needed for home and yes I went home merry making that its a weekend. Time to relax and do stuff I like with no more staring at the damn machine in front of me. Once I am in my room, I put my stuff down, roam around the house chatter with my siblings, come back to my room to look for my cellphone. Turns out my Oh So Good Weekend wont be so good after all. Reason being my dear cell phone not present in my bag, I spent quite a few grands on it.

Okay I tell my self to calm down. It is not lost
Two minutes later I am making pathetic faces with tears streaming down my cheek *Yes I cried a little bit O-o*

With a heavy heart a I go to my room, randomly check my emails *normally I do that on my cell phone*. I open my email box and there waits for me the Happy news. I left my phone at work =O.

That was a relief that I did not atleast lose it. But then how could I be so careless to leave my stuff lying around like that.