We all have read quotes and various things about life. Like life is not easy, No one ever gets out of it alive and all sorts of other things. They are all true if we apply them to certain scenarios of our lives. But even after all these, the truth is that you never will be able to get a hang of it no matter what happens. It turns on you in the most unexpected of ways leaving you jaw dropped, shocked and stunned.

Life for me has been a more like merry go round that has been going round and round ever since I was born and I have never bothered to step down from it to take a look at it from the outside since now.
I stepped down from to find that it is merely as pretty as the one in the picture. Instead it had several broken, ragged and scratched pieces. They needed repair. I have been so engrossed in the ride that I overlooked the repair.

Now when I have stepped down and looked at the wear and tear, I feel that I have made a mistake never fixing things when they broke. I should have amended the break right when it happened. Leaving it for later and then later again has left a big mess to repair.

Now when I am trying to learn from my mistakes and being cautious with the future ride, my merry go round is giving me a hard time to jump back on the ride once again……