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I have been meaning to do a post about my visit to Lahore fort with my family last Sunday but I have been too lazy to write anything. I finally decided I should write something before I forget my visit.

So its Sunday morning and I wake up to see the most dreaded sight. The sky is covered with heavy black clouds, not forget to mention I wait for the weekend all week in hope to enjoy the sunny days but my luck runs out every weekend when dark clouds hover all of the Saturday and Sunday, and I go all squeamish looking at the weather.

It rained for a little while but after a while the sun shined bright and clear. We all took a bus and finally and got to the great fort. After a few minutes of walking we found ourselves standing at the foot of this larger than life and grand entrance of the fort. When you look at it, for a moment you are tongue-tied and awestruck by its grandeur. It takes you back in time and you feel like you are standing in the amidst of all those kings riding the elephants entering this huge gate, followed by the great knights.

You enter those gates and walk a little further to see the minaret of the Badshahi Mosque located adjacent to the fort, standing in all its glory. The architecture, considering its thousands of years old, is surely a treat to look at. One cannot imagine that back in those days when they did not have any sort of modern machinery, such detail and beauty could be achieved.

I could easily mistake myself as a queen while walking through those great ancient architectural monuments. One dreamy day it was. And then the day ended with heavy rain, washing away my dreams with.