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I must post this

I must post this

I should have been posting about the versatile blogger award I received a couple weeks ago but I was just too lazy (this is probably a fourth or a fifth post of mine where I am saying I am lazy. Not that I am but then yes there are times I am. Okay this is getting out of hand.)

Coming back to the original reason of me making myself do this post is The Sherlock Holmes series. Yes I watch Sherlock Holmes and I am absolutely crazy about it. Usually I do not watch much of T.V. The only series I enjoyed this much before was castle. But then there is no comparison of castle and Sherlock Holmes.

I watched the two seasons in three days. Yes that is right. The whole two seasons in three days. For a person like myself who hardly watches this much T.V in a week, what does that tell you?

Good Lord. I am crushing over the guy now. There, I said it.