I am going to have a week full of excitement disasters and the signs have started showing early on.

1. I skipped work on Monday even though I had two days to be lazy and not do anything. Of all of the days I chose Monday to sleep in and not work. (Notice what big of a slacker punctual freak I am.)

2. Skipping work makes me frustrated and lazier and then as if that was not enough to ruin my day, an old acquaintance of mine got sour and we had quite a bit of a Bitchy an entertaining conversation.

3. I have to take a GRE exam and I am least all prepared for it.

4. Tuesday morning and I get up to get ready for work. Leaving home in a hurry I forgot my glasses on my side table and now here I am spilling profanities being utterly pleasent about the headache I got due to my forgetfulness

I am not yet done with the week and I am sure there’s more to come as the week progresses.