Just when I was wondering where to start from and this comes up , and all I could think if that was left for this week too.

There is this guy I met online last year and we talked for a few months. He was like I would really like to marry you and blah blah blah. Then he disappeared like smoke and I never really heard from him for quite a while. I texted him couple of times even once telling him that he could tell me straight to my face that he was not interested in talking to me anymore but all I heard was silence. I deleted his number and eventually got over it.

Then today I get a call from this number I did not recognise and when I received it and said hello, to my surprise, it was the same guy. He apologised for disappearing just like that and asked me if I was seeing someone or if I got engaged or something and I said “at the moment I am focusing on my career. ”

I talked to him in a very humane manner and now the more I think about it the more upset I am getting. Whatever the reasons be atleast he could let me know whatever he was thinking even if it meant he is not interested anymore. I do not like being in the dark. I do not like being lied to. I like to hear out the truth even if it means hurting me.

So now I do not know how to treat him. What to say to him. The ever so disastrous week continues to play havoc.