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Today morning while coming to work, a sight totally grossed me out and made me wonder how I randomly tell people what I do not like certain things I absolutely despise but never counted.

I was almost near my work place when I saw a guy passing by in his car, driving with one hand and picking his nose with the other. I was so grossed with the sight that I almost yelled out at him for being responsible of sticking his mucus to the car’s wheel and contaminating it. Possibilities are that he is not the only who drives the car. His wife or son might drive the same car too without knowing that the old man has been gluing his mucus to the wheel. *Yucky* . Seriously how long does it take to clean your nose too while you are cleaning up yourself and getting ready for work. Or then I doubt if he even cleans himself.

Another thing that totally makes me feel sick is when people openly scratch their privates in Public. Looks silly and awkward. If you feel no shame in scratching your privates publically then I think you can as well walk around without covering them up. And the worse part when after scratching one eats something without sanitizing their hands. *Gross*. (Before you think I am insane, I have seen that happen people.)

How do you feel about spitting while you are strolling at a park or walking down a battered road. Imagine you sit down in a park with comfy green grass spread around and the moment you sit down you feel warm moisture on your behind and you instantly stand up like an arrow wondering what was that moistened your pants. Enlightenment for those who do not know. You have been Spitictimized.