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Two days of complete freedom and you are then engulfed with the blues of the approaching day. Yes I am talking about Monday. Like most people, I dread Mondays. I literally drag myself out of bed to get ready for work. Most of the times I just feel like skipping it. For me it is nothing more than a killer

AS if Monday is not enough reason to make whiny, I got stuck in rush hour traffic. Leaving early for work did not do me any good today. The rush hour traffic made it entirely impossible to be at work on time. I just sat there cursing, under my breath, the reason of traffic jam. Thanks to that, I reached work LATE. *Notice How I get whinier*

And then to add some sugar topping to my mad Monday, my eye glasses slipped somewhere out on the road from my cab and I did not get to know till I reached work. Frantically I ran through my stuff and found nothing. I went to the office enterance if I have dropped them there accidently but found nothing.

*Just so you guys know, this is the second pair of spectacles that I have lost*