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Living in a part of the world where family is closely knit together, is fairly difficult. Life is something like, you die, you live with the family. You are alive , you cannot get rid of the family. You are married and the family still sticks to you like glue. I do not have anything against the family in particular but its healthy to leave the comfort and security of the people you know every once a while.

Family no doubt has no replacement. Your first friends are your siblings. Your parents ensure the security and safety you need as a child. Your needs are met without you asking for them and at other times even the wants are met with pleasure. They put you in best available schools in town and put up with you in your (rebellious and not so co-operative) teenage.

But then there are times when you have grown up. You are no more a child or a bratty teenager or just another adult. It is time when you want to find who you are. What you are capable of doing. What your worth is. How you can make a difference. It is important for personal growth.

Growing up I thought my parents would understand that. I did not want to be the typical girl that most of the parents here in this part of Asia raise. I wanted to be different. To be able to set an example. I wanted to be strong. To be able to take care of myself. To be able to provide my parents the ease my parents provided me with while I was young. But it is unfortunate that my parents never understood this part of me. It is like I grew up imagining my parents to be different people and they end up being totally opposite. The same average parents.

Its frustrating. It eats you out when you have these things in your head you wanted to do and you are left dreaming about them . I wish they see what is in my head. I wish they can hear that I want to be free. Liberated to go after my dreams.