My job is an inexcusable part of my life. It takes most of my time and a better part of my days solving out the questions I have in my head of getting a design accomplished. Though I daydream of getting rid of it and  still having enough money to cruise the world, turns out I cannot get rid of it.

Anyway, you know how people have different ways to get to their work place. some walk, while others take a bus and then there are some who drive. For me, its none of these. I have a rickshaw and a rickshaw driver for myself. Weird as it may sound, its true. For those of you who do not know what a rickshaw is, let me tell you, it is something that you will only get to see if you have travelled to Pakistan or India. These are this mini car sorta things. They come in Flashy colours and often are decorated according to the owners likes. Look at the picture at left. Except for mine is not as flashy and new.

Mine looks something like this. I do not mind travelling in it as long  as I do not get late for work. But turns out I am always 5 or 10 minutes late and that too is solely because of the driver. He has certain traits that anyone would get sick of.

Some of them are:

1- He drives super slow.

2- In addition to driving painfully slow, he makes sure he is always behind the slowest vehicle.

3- He would never overtake even if it means waiting for a vehicle to start and move on or even if he is behind a donkey cart. (Trust me people. We have donkey carts on our roads during a rush hour)

4- He has this weird habit of driving his vehicle on the left side of the road even if it takes him 5 minutes to sand and wait for the road to empty out to make a right turn.

I know he is crazy.