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Every once a while, living a perfect life, one comes across a certain day that is marked to be impending doom. It is like another important day, marked on the calendar by not you but the unseen, happening to you, on which you have no control over. Yes! The Bad Day. You never know which one it is going to be. You cannot avoid it and you can pretty much tell about a day being terrible in merely a couple of hours.

Once you are stuck with it, there is no way out. The only things you can do are to make this day worse. For instance.

1. Be efficient and get another load to finish while at work.

You can be efficient and finish the work assigned to you way before the deadline. This way you would be less appreciated and will be handed over a brand new assignment to work on.

2. Get off from work late.

If you have not yet let the gloom engulf you then you need to sit for extra hours at work. Lets say a couple would be good enough. The moment you walk out of the place you will feel what a terrible thing have you done. You have let your work get the best of you.

3. Bump into a car, bruise a body part.

If the other two reasons do not work, try  bumping into a car or a vehicle. The bruises you are left with afterwards have their own bitter way of reminding you that you are a victim of a pathetic day.

4. Get into an argument with a friend.

If you have done the above mentioned things or any one of it then give yourself a treat. Sugar coat the day with getting an argument with a friend of your and Sleep over it

And there you have it folks. A bad day made worse.