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I HAVE to write today, I told myself before going to bed last night and when I reached work in the morning. I Opened up the page where I had to, closed it twice without writing anything and then thought of what to write. The thoughts came up empty.

This has not happen to me for the first time. happens to me occasionally and the reason usually is linked to me not being a good writer. However,  this time, it is not anything like that.

This Monday I checked in to work and it occurred to me that I am tired if my job and looking for something more challenging. The idea of quitting my job suddenly sprung to life. Later on when I,gave my wild idea, a thought, a wave of sadness hit me and an accompanied gloom engulfed me (Turns out I cannot quit my job for I need money). The whole sadness and gloom thing kept me under for a good amount of time, making me feel miserable and reminding me of how I failed at not convincing my parents for all the things I want to do.

So for now I am still out of my groove that is hindering my work, my social life and my creativity. All require a good amount of effort to flow that I am currently not able to provide.