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I have been lost again after the last post I made. I know, it is bad. I should have written something. Disappearing just like that is not a good thing to do. But life has been fairly difficult and had been throwing challenges at me that I was supposed to deal with and ignoring them was not even an option. But oh well all that is for another post.

Today I just wanted to put down the feelings of how some people make your life worth living.

Everyone of us encounter hundreds of people everyday, sometimes they are the ones we work with , other times they are either your peers and sometimes they are just no ones, you happen to come across, during carrying out everyday activities.

As days go by, from the number of people you have met, you might get close to some and then some might get even closer and with the passage of time you have this little circle of people that you have grown attached to and who mean much to you.

Life all of a sudden gets prettier, more colourful, less painful. You get to feel lighter with every day rolling by, each task, no matter how hard it was before, seems to be a stroll in a park in the morning on the dewy grass; You wake up refreshed every morning anticipating the day to be vigorous and perfect. The weather outside does not matter anymore and what matters more is how you feel inside.

These are the moments when you truly live.

(Dedicated to all the loved ones in my life).