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Ever wondered what balance is? Not the physical one but the other that is responsible for putting your life to peace, the one that is suppose to bring harmony  and stability to your life. Yes that balance!

Imagine yourself in a situation you have always wanted to be, you have dreamt about it, have worked the crap out of yourself to be there, to be that. So now when you are there, you are ecstatic, overwhelmed with joy. You should be because you earned it but then you have to know how to calm yourself down, how to share it with others around you. That is where the balance comes in. Enjoying the moment AND not forgetting about the ones who helped you along the way.

Similarly there are other small but significant things in life that seek balance. For instance they can be your dreams, your fantasies, your emotions, you goals, your wishes, your needs. All of them have a connection to the real world as well. They all demand a certain sort of an equilibrium. We cannot ignore the fact that, if not met with a proper stability, all of these things would  jumble up.