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Life is fun, exciting, vigorous, pure adrenaline.

Life is difficult, full of obstacles, hard to manage and comes with all strings attached.

What would you choose if you had to choose one? I believe mostly would choose the first than the later one. Some might choose it because they actually think this way, others because they are currently enjoying that state while the rest because they fear being judged (this is beside the point).

I do not know if anyone has ever experienced the two together. Like for one instance it is all happy, easy, cheerful, rainbows and sunshine with no worries and lesser things to think about and then all of a sudden the surroundings change, as if  the picture has been flipped. Darkness fills the atmosphere, sunshine engulfed by grey clouds and misery follows you everywhere like a constant downpour of rain.

The contrast makes you go numb. You forget how it was like to be happy likewise you become oblivious to the pain that stabs you.

But there’s still a little part of you that yearns for the pain to go away and wants the sun to brighten up your skies…